SellBuy-GSE.com is the new marketplace portal for manufacturers, equipment suppliers and dealers for the ground support equipment industry worldwide.
It has been devised in order that everybody can source products, all manufacturers can promote their equipment and every interested customer can understand the industry and find the right partner.
It has been created for selling and buying new and used ground support equipment.
Atlas Technical Equipment & Consulting GmbH (Ltd.) was founded in 1989 in Wiesbaden, Germany as a technical equipment and spare parts dealer for the aviation industries. The founders were experienced specialists from different aviation related fields, but concentrated the company's activities in the first years more into Ground Support Equipment related areas. Buying and selling GSE and spare parts for GSE made Atlas develop into a well known trading company mainly for small airlines, airports, ground handlers and catering organizations. Over the years another activity was added, consultancy!
Planning and advice for Ground Support Equipment, the right, quantities, the most economical mix, assisting in specifications, recommendations where and what to buy, new or second hand. Atlas has helped a number of airlines and ground handlers to buy the right equipment in the right quantities and the right technical execution.
In 2010 an additional line of activity has been added, market studies for ground handlers and GSE manufacturers. The collection of all the data necessary for subject market studies enabled us recently to establish this platform, a market place for aviation personell looking for contacts for various aviation related activities.
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